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19 June 2011
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HLC - Heli Light Control v1.0

a lighting control board circuit for Scale RC Helicopters


Heli Light Control
The HLC isn't available in any shops!
A magyar leírásért kattintson ide

The HLC is a light control system that based on a new conception and technology and it has been developed primarily for scale rc helicopters, but it can be used in rc airplanes also. When we designed the HLC our goal was creating a system that can control the entire lighting system of helicopters in more combination via only one transmitter channel.

The HLC has 8 independent lighting elements, those aren't connected paralel way. Each light element has got own output. So we could create unique programs for HLC, but the public version ensures more combination.

The HLC has own setup mode, therefore it can be teached to transmitter settings and the desired program set can be selected here. The HLC isn't a simple switch circuit that can turned off or on, its parts can be switched separately - according to flight logic.

The programs have been created for helicopters, but it can be applicable well for airplanes with some changes on transmitter settings. For beginner pilots HLC contains an easy program set; HLC enures less possibilities but the pilot switches landing light only.

HLC circuit
The HLC board circuit - without covering

HLC manages following lighting elements:

  • A stable green navigation light
  • A stable red navigation light
  • One (ore more paralell connected) headlight/landing lights.
  • Front fading beacon light to indicate working engine.
  • Rear fading beacon light to indicate working engine.
  • Tail strobe light that can be red or whit
  • Upper strobe light that can be red or white (usually white)
  • Lower strobe light that can be red or white (usually white)
HLC in a scale helicopter
HLC in a scale helicopter

The HLC implements controlling of each light element independent way, therefore it must be connected with paralell wiring lighting elements where it must be splitted more pieces - for example: you wnt to use two landing light in wings.

The HLC doesn't contain LED lighting element, because probably you will use power leds where it's possible, but some locations on your helicopter can't receive power leds, and you can decide about applicated lighting components on this way. So you can purchase in any microelectronic shop the required led components and regulating resistors. Bigger experiences aren't required. Probably the most important parameter is the size and lighting power.

The HLC is shipped with a colored ribbon cable and a built-in connector that makes easier the connection of lighting system, and when you want to maintenance your helicopter you can detach the fuselage's lighting from your helicopter body with one move.

HLC has following lighting elements:

Easy program set:

  • After starting the red and green lights are switched on continously. Every other lights are off before the headlight will be switched on.
  • When the headlight is turned on, red beacons will be started and landing program will run on strobes (1-1-1 flashes)
  • With switching off headlight the strobes will change flashing program to flight level (3-3-3 flashes)

Normal program set:

  • HLC can be activated and deactivated
  • The headlight can be switched on or off when the HLC is active.
  • Red beacons and strobes ca be switched on or off together.
  • The strobe program can be switched between landing and flying level (1-1-1 or 3-3-3 flashes)

Advanced program set:

  • HLC can be activated and deactivated. The red and green navigation lights are turned on or off.
  • When the HLC is active the headlight can be turned on or off. Turning on the headlight is starting landing program on strobes when the strobe lights or red beavcons are turned on.
  • The red beacons can be turned on or off individually when the strobes are off and the HLC is active.
  • The strobes are running with landing program if the headlight is turned on; otherwise the flying level is flashing.
  • Turning on strobes is starting red beacons too.

The HLC is shipped in following format:

  • HLC board circuit
  • English and Hungarian user's manual.
  • Colored ribbon wire with integrated connector.



Voltage: 4.5 V - 5.5 V
Current consumption: max. 35mA internal current consumption.
Depending on used LEDs the flowing current can be 2A.
Storing temperature: between -40 and +85 °C
between -40 and +185 °F
Operating temperature: between -30 and +70 °C
between -22 and +158 °F
Output loads: 0.5A per each output
Continous total current: 1A
Burst total current: 2A
Weight: 19g/0.67 oz (without wiring)
Size: 59 × 25 × 9 mm / 2.32 × 0.98 × 0.35 in